Husn Sarees is a collection of different types of Sarees. We sell sarees of differrent colors and design manufactured by reputed companies. We have thousands of collection. Our sarees are made of high quality cloth.

We are into this business from past 15 years and expanded through out India. We have branches at all the major cities.

We export our sarees to different countries all over the world. Our brand is well known. Besides our own showrooms we have hundreds of dealers selling our products in India and all over the world.

Shortly we will be launching online portal where you can buy our collection of sarees from your home and we will deliver it to you within 2 days.

We have special offfers for bulk orders. Contact our regional office for the details. If you are planning to buy more than 100 sarees we have special discounted prices.

For bulk orders we also undertake custom made design orders. You can select the cloth, colors and designs from our catalogue we will get it manufactured for you in shortest time.

We believe in customer satisfaction. Visit any of showrooms to experience the best atmosphere and friendly behaviour and best support from our highly trained sales team.

If you have any sales inquiries or dealer inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us we will be more than happy to assist you.

Banaras Sarees

Banaras Sarees are made in Varanasi also called Banares City. These sarees are known for their gold and silver embroidery. With gold and silver embroidery these sarees become heavy to wear. These sarees are worn at special occations like wedding and other parties.

You will find all types of gold and silver embroidery sarees in our collection. Also if you want you can have silk embroidery sarees in different colors and designs.

Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees are available in our wedding collections which are made of pure silk. Different designs and different colors are available at different prices. These silk sarees are manufactured in different parts of India. We deal in only high quality pure silk sarees. We deal in sarees made of silk include the Banarasi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, Bandhni sarees, Thanchoi sarees, Patola sarees, Paithani sarees etc.

For weddings and special occations we accept custom orders and it will be delivered within a depending upon what design you need. Some designs even take longer to make like 6 months. So plan to order accordingly. Please contact our head of sales for custom order bookings

Kankatala Sarees

Kankatala Sarees are hand oven sarees. Come find different colors and designs in these type of sarees. We have hundreds of different sarees in our collection. You can find these sarees in all our branches through out India and also at our dealers outlets.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Silk Sarees are available.

Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore Silk Sarees are available.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees are available.

Synthetic Sarees

Synthetic Sarees are available.

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